turnofcenturychicagoVisitations is a gothic action adventure horror comic series set in Chicago at the Steampunk Turn Of The Century. The first issue will be a free download available March 2016.


Chicago at the Turn Of The Century is a place like no other.  Raising from the ashes of the Great Fire of 1871, the city leads the country in iron, steel, garment, and agricultural manufacturing. It’s meat packing industry and railroad lines are like no other. In the midst of this lies great corruption. From  crooked politicians to organized crime built on extortion and prostitution, Chicago is far from an honest city. Crime lord, Diamond Jim Colosimo runs the city with an iron fist.

When an artifact of Diamond Jim’s disappears, the trail leads to the oldest Cemetery in Chicago, Gracehill. Unfortunately for the gangster’s minions, they find more then they bargained for at the Graveyard.