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Clayton Blackwood

Magician and adventurer Clayton Blackwood specializes in finding rare and dangerous objects. He may have gone a little too far when relieving Diamond Jim Colosimo of his most prized possession.

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The Piper

The streets of Chicago are filled with music so unearthly that it is said to raise the dead. The sounds of a flute bring the citizens of the Second City either great joy or horrible dread depending on when they hear it.

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 666 Beast

A strange apparition that stalks Gracehill Cemetery. It is unknown if it is a ghost, a gypsy curse, a witch, of the Devil itself. The only thing that’s for sure is the certain doom that meets anyone who crosses it’s path.

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Nellie McCullough

& Kincaid

Nellie McCullough is a typical Victorian Chicago teenage girl who embraces all the changes the new Century promises. Kincaid, her skeletal horse companion has a long history protecting her family.