visitations coveraIssue 1: The Menacing Phantoms

It’s  the Turn Of The Century as we enter Chicago’s oldest cemetery, Gracehill. Meet Clayton Blackwood, The Entertainer, The Piper Boy, Santa Muerte, Beast 666, Nellie McCullough and Kincad as they battle the Henchmen of crime boss Jim Colosimo. But there is more going on then even they are aware of.

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v2coveraIssue 2: The Great Balloon Disaster

It’s the fourth of July and Chicago is hosting The White City Ballon race for contestants around the world. But tragedy strikes when the hot air balloons explode hundreds of feet from the ground.  Nellie and Kincaid  attempt a rescue only to find that preventing  people from falling to their deaths is the LEAST of their problems!

print: $15.00            digital: $5.00